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2014 Registration is now open

We are utilizing League One again this year so you will need your user name (e-mail address) and password that you used last year. Before going to the login, please read the entire message on the welcome page as we have made a few changes to the process.

NRMF will be capping its competitive football teams at 25 and cheer at 35. NRMF honors returning participants on a first come, first serve basis and will work to fill opening spots based on when the registration is completed on line provided paperwork and payment are made by the closing date of April 30th.


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National Champions!!!

Congratulations to the Junior Pee Wee Cheer team on winning the National Championship.


2nd In The Nation

Congratulations to the Midget cheer team for finishing 2nd at the championships in Disney!

Great Job!!!



For your information we have listed the age and weight divisions for football

FLAG – 5-6-7

No older/lighter 35-75 lbs

No older/lighter 45-90 lbs

JUNIOR PEE WEE 8-9-10-11*
60-105 lbs
(older/lighter)*60-85 lbs

PEE WEE 9-10-11-12*
75-120 lbs
(older/lighter) * 75-100 lbs

JUNIOR MIDGET 10-11-12-13*
90-145 lbs
(older/lighter) * 90-120 lbs

MIDGET 11-12-13-14-15*
105-170 lbs
(older/lighter) * 105-140 lbs

And this is the potential for CHEER



JUNIOR PEEWEE 8-9-10-11*

PEEWEE 9-10-11-12*

JUNIOR MIDGET 10-11-12-13*

MIDGET 11-12-13-14-15*

The participant’s age on July 31st of the current year shall be the participant’s age for the coming season.

*The asterisked (*) provisions in each division are for those leagues/associations that carry “older but lighter” football players. The age of the spirit participant may match the age of the football players in that same division. The spirit participant is matched in age only, weights do not apply. The participant’s age on July 31st of the current year shall be the participant’s age for the coming season (Traditional and Year Round).







North Rockland Rocked the House of the Mouse

National Champions- 2012

Runner Up- Nationals 2012

Runner Up- Nationals 2012


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